Beach bummin’ in Sperlonga

Dive into crystal clear waters off a rented pedal-boat

Summer is less than a week away and the weather knows it: humid days, 20-minute rainstorms in the afternoons, and muggy nights. I’ve been working on my tan by spending a whopping 15 minutes a day on my terrace (16+ will result in a weeks-long burn, no joke) and trying to cut back on gelato so I can be bikini ready …but gelato is sometimes my only relief on those hot days, so the bikini can wait.

But the beach can’t wait! As the temperatures rises, so does my excitement to head off to one of my favorite beaches in Italy: Sperlonga. Located about a 2-hour drive south of Rome, this is the ideal place for a summer day-trip. The water is warm and crystal-clear; the sand is kept clean; it’s far enough away to not get the city crowd, but close enough to see in a day. If you don’t have a car, you can also get there by train (leaves once an hour from Roma-Termini station), and take a bus from the Sperlonga station to the beach.

The beaches are lined with modern establishments, but do venture up to the town …literally, up. The medieval village is topped by a central piazza with small cafès spilling out into the sunlight. The hike up is worth the view up and down the coast.

For meals, there are a variety of restaurants and snack bars on the road that runs along the beach, or you can trek up to the town for more. Some beachfront hotels offer finer dinning. For budget travelers, find an “alimentari” or deli on one of the backstreets and get a sandwich to go. Best summer meal while you’re on the shore: fried calamari.

For longer stays, check out the beachfront Hotel Aurora and get lulled to sleep by the sound of the surf. For a cheaper but still pleasent stay, try the Casa Mimosa B&B just a few minutes drive from the beach.

One Response to Beach bummin’ in Sperlonga

  1. Rom Fan says:

    Oh, I did not imagine Perlonga could really be exciting as this. We’ll see if we can get here by summer. Thanks for the nice idea!

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